The Perfect Setting

🏡”Home Sweet Home”🏡 My first housewarming

So I am finally a homeowner but man, no one told me that it would be thee biggest responsibility ever for the next 20+ years!!

Let’s tell the truth and shame the devil! Being a homeowner suck (from a financial perspective). Okay I know that one of the biggest benefits of having your own home is stability, but geesh, this sh*t is real, lol!

However, I was getting tired just “throwing away” my money in rent. For about four years, I was paying the amount in rent almost as much as I am now in mortgage and to top it off, I wasn’t gaining anything from it. Renting is not an investment at all, so I made a decision to buy a home. Searching for a house was extremely challenging! I had to take into account the area I wanted to live in, how far the commute to work would be, the quietness of the area as well, etc. However, I didn’t do it all on my own, I invested in a realtor. My realtor definitely made it easy for me to find my home and I closed with no issues months later.

After a year of settling in, I finally decide to have a small housewarming party with family and close friends. I had the perfect setting in the backyard; it was so intimate😌. From the catchy theme “Home Sweet Home”, the gold sparkle of the plates to the fresh crisp scent of the linen, it was perfect! I am definitely not a decor person, my sorority sister Lucianna has the best eyes for this. She made my party come to life with this decor and I thank her so much for that!

Three years later, I am still enjoying my home! It needs a fixer upper, but that’s another topic in itself. What is your first homeowner experience?

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